Why are we here and how did we start?


E-commerce Product Promotion

First, thank you for your interest in our small business and for visiting our company page. Our way into e-commerce started years ago.

Through the constant dialogue with our customers, we have encountered many problems that only a special SaaS solution like ours can solve. That was the reason why we launched our SaaS product in 2021. Coming from a technical background, we know how difficult it can be to connect different shop systems and other integrations.

Therefore we started to create a e-commerce / Shop Product API. After a planning phase, we started to develop our product. First version of our SaaS solution allows you to send your E-commerce products to our system and provide it to other stakeholders like another E-Commerce solution, i.e. Magento or Shopify.

Of course, we have implemented a user administration and filter system for your products. So you have complete control over which products are displayed and for which users. Because we are in constant communication with our customers, we improve our product incrementally. For the future we wish to be able to help you even better to be able to connect your products with other shop systems faster and easier.

Our Mission

We believe in better communication in the ecommerce ecosystem. There are currently various shop systems on the market. We want to help our customers and you, as a future customer, to market your products better and create an additional source of income. That's why we work hard to constantly improve our product API between different stakeholders. You shouldn't suffer a headache when you want to connect your products to another E-commerce system. We're here to help you make product distribution and promotion smooth.


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